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Our facilities cover a land area of 10,500 m².

They consist of spacious offices, plus a patio access to the facilities, it is used for reception of raw and auxiliary materials, also for the reception and weighing tank trucks and large docks for loading trucks and containers.

The filtration room and storage cellar has a large storage capacity, adapted to different types of olis are produced and stored for the production process. The storage cellar is connected to the bottling plant, so that the oil can be supplied from any deposit to any packaging line. The plant where the production takes place has automatic packaging lines liter PET format. These lines are adapted to the manufacture of cylindrical cans up to one liter.

These lines are complemented by another bottle-manufacturing line that uses an air-blowing system and which conveys the bottles from the machine outputs to silos for storage. The line produces 3,000 bottles per hour.

In order to satisfy high-quality demands, we have a glass bottling line with a filling capacity of between 0.25 cl and one liter. Complemented with single-dose packaging line formats 10 ml, 15 ml and 40 ml bottle.

We have automatic filling lines for containers in the 5-litre capacity format. An automatic bottling line for B&B format containers (a new container with a dosing spout) with the capacity to fill 5-, 10- and 20-litre containers. A semi-automatic line for filling, capping and sealing 1000-litre containers. A separate warehouse for finished products connected to the bottling plant, with docks that allow trucks of various tonnages to be parked and loaded.

Distribution vehicles, commercial vehicles and tank trucks to be self-sufficient.

The entire production process is automated. Modern machinery.