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In 1966, the first company belonging to the family was founded (MANZANO HERMANOS, S.R.C.). The business expanded considerably, and over the years a bottling plant was set up for bottling all kinds of edible oils, whereby the facilities were outfitted with machinery for filtering, sanitation, storage, etc. The wholesale market began in earnest then, with evident examples of constantly improving qualities, features, formats and everything necessary for the right presentation in consumer markets. After incorporating in 1980 (ACEITES MANZANO, S.A.), additional industrial and technological expansions were made.

Aceites ManzanoIn 1984, the company initiated a construction project in the outskirts of Beniel on what would be one of the most important oil facilities in its area of influence. It included the manufacture of containers to handle our own supply, and it was outfitted with magnificent machinery, storage silos, and advanced control techniques, which provided it with the means to obtain final products that brought together the right conditions of quantity and quality. As from that moment, we started a new journey in the field of exports, while never stopping to strengthen the already existing domestic market.

Quality has become a key management tool and in this sense we have certified products and processes and adapted and positioned many formats, able to meet the demand of customers and consumers.

Over recent years and in the upcoming years, we will be witnesses to the progressive growth of olive oil consumption at a global level. Olive oil is a natural product, and the qualities of the olive juice make it one of the most representative products of the Mediterranean Diet, in addition to one of the most flavourful and healthy. All of this growth likewise involves knowledge and technological development, which this business has in both cases and which will allow it to not only remain competitive, but most certainly to be ever-more competitive.

The investments that we have made provide us with a modern business suited to the current demands of a product that, like the edible oils industry, is constantly evolving, and not just due to its popular demand, but also due to the continuous evolution of its analytical, production and commercial techniques.